Sometimes it's the small and simple things that make the biggest difference.
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Why Smaller Dishes?

Smaller Dishes Can Help You Eat Less

chinese bowl
Using a smaller dish at meal times can help you eat less!  It’s simply because most people put less food on a smaller plate, and therefore eat less food.  Most of us like to clean our plate; we feel good when we finish a meal, and the cherished chef takes a clean plate as a compliment.

Now, you can circumvent this by piling your plate high, or going back for seconds, thirds, etc.   Therefore, I can not guarantee anything here.

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How It All Started

Several years ago my kids became old enough to pour their own juice.  They would fill their cups up to the brim with orange juice.  Because of my education I knew what they had just poured was the equivalent of 6 oranges, and if they drank it all they would claim they were full and not finish their cereal (only to complain of being hungry 30 minutes later!).  I started wishing there was a line that they could pour to that would be just enough juice for their little tummies.

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